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Simplify the administration and running of classes with inuitive and powerful tools. Supports regular, hybrid, and online classes.

Features Include:
  • Automate assignment management. Reminds students about up coming deadlines and allows them to submit files both through the Internet and by email.
  • Create online assignments with short quizzes that give students immediate feedback.
  • Supports automated grading for short answer questions.
  • Online enrollment, assignment, and grade management.
  • Students can instantly see their grades and access instructor feedback.
  • Support for file sharing and discussion boards.
  • Instantly access statistics about student performance.
Detailed information about student responses
Detailed information about student reponses.

Graphical summaries of student scores
Use graphical summaries to help keep track of student scores.

Water Management

Efficient water management with Water Einstein. Take advantage of inteligent AI that knows how to make the most out of limited amounts of water.

Features Include:
  • Water useage optimization.
  • Learns over time about your soil and watering conditions.
  • Monitor your water usage and see what areas are using the most water.
  • Integrates weather data and adjusts water schedules automatically as needed.
  • Automatically detects leaks and shuts off the water
  • Manual overried so you have complete control over your system.
Water Einstein

Control your security with powerful rules
Map out your sprinklers and monitor them in real time.


Enhance your products by adding smart monitoring and data collection. Learn how customers use your products and how to improve them.

Features Include:
  • Error detection and diagnosis.
  • Anomaly detection.
  • Run diagnostic tests remotely.
  • Discover how your products are being used in the real world.
  • Monitor your products and detect issues before they happen.
Monitor your products

Monitor your products
Monitor your products and see how they are being used.


Secure your belongings and property with smart security agents. Take advantage of inteligent sensors that monitor your environment and alert you to any possible hazards.

Features Include:
  • Simple setup and installation.
  • Environment monitoring.
  • Create rules to determine how the system reacts to any situation.
  • Smart, real-time, decision making. The system can deduce the situation and take appropriate action.
  • Setup real-time alerts to notify you the second an issue arises.
Security Image Security Image Security Image
Be alerted with images showing suspicious activity.

Control your security with powerful rules
Control your system with a powerful rule builder.
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